Once Upon A Time...

an ordinary person with a wild soul was living her life on this amazing planet .

wowageing the story

There was always some kind of wonder around how she interpreted the life scenes unfolding around her. These scenarios did not bring her only smiles and laughter, they also brought in some sadness, confusion and frustration.

Life is a sensual journey for the soul. 

As time passed, she grew and she grew and with her grew an awareness for how this world operated. ​

Everyone who is full of life will increase in years.

She began to realise that some people around her were feeling lost and sad because they were feeling trapped in their own invisible cages of limitations.

An Awareness of Purpose.

She realised too that as the years were passing so quickly, the same people were feeling lost and frustrated in the inability to be their authentic Self.

Growing older happens. Living Older is a learned choice.

They were certain their lives were to be of purpose but they were not certain how to free themselves from these invisible cages that were trapping them.

Learn to Free your Soul & Live Authentically and Sustainably.

The person living a life on this planet, the one we are writing about, started to write and to write all that she could write and created a book to share some for her wisdom and experiences in the wonders she was living.

Once Upon A Time I Would Grow Old.

The book, Once Upon A Time I Would Grow Old became bigger and bigger creating along with it a concept called WOWAGEING®.

The Life Business Plan.

This would become a community, a tribe that would work together to enhance The Art of Living Older with an unlimited range of possibilities in living a beautiful life rather than limitations that came with the distorted ideas of growing older.​

Life Entrepreneurship of Fun and Purpose.

The Story has only just begun.

What We Love to do for You.

The WOWAGEING® Community.

Once Upon A Time I Would Grow Old Silent Opened Eye Book Cover

Be a Vital Part of a Living and Pulsating Community as We Learn, Laugh, Cry, Celebrate, Lead for Change and Share Life Stories Together.

Once Upon A Time I Would Grow Old.

The Book That Would Change The Way We Will Age.

Once Upon A Time I Would Grow Old Book Cover

"As long as you are equipped with the ability to learn and to develop the skill of adaptability, there is no stopping you from staying connected to the importance in making life an adventure, whatever the design."

Lara Jay Hequet Author

The true design of a life

lies not in its youth

when body and mind

serve to procreate.

The true design of a life

lies when body and mind

begin to prepare

for the end

of their physical journey

Leaving only the soul

to show its true nature

as a result of

its life design.