Lara Jay Hequet. A Story.

One Little Story. Many Large Dimensions.

Once Upon A Time

a person by the name of Lara Jay Hequet was living a unique and individual life on this amazing planet. 

wowageing LJH

There was always some kind of wonder around how she interpreted the life scenarios unfolding around her. These scenarios did not bring her only smiles and laughter, they also brought in some sadness, confusion and frustration.

As time passed, she grew and she grew and with her grew an awareness for how this world operated.

She began to realise that some people around her were feeling lost and sad because they were feeling trapped in their own invisible cages of limitations.

She realised too that as the years were passing so quickly, the same people were feeling lost and frustrated in the inability to be their authentic Self.

They were certain their lives were to be of purpose but they were not certain how to free themselves from these invisible cages that were trapping them.

The person living a life on this planet, the one we are writing about, started to write and to write all that she could write and created a book to share some of her wisdom and experiences in the wonders she was living.

The book, Once Upon A Time I Would Grow Old became bigger and bigger creating along with it a concept called Wowageing®.

This would be a community, a tribe that would work together to enhance The Art of Living Older with an unlimited range of possibilities in living a beautiful life rather than limitations that came with the distorted ideas of growing older.

The Story Has Only Just Begun

Lara Jay Hequet is an artistic mosaic made up of different ethnicities and global vibes. She is a life entrepreneur, certified and qualified in many fields of knowledge.. Most importantly, she is a good human being and an ordinary individual who is committed to personal growth by owning the different tides of her life experiences authentically.

There is a lot she does not know. This allows her the opportunity to always have something to do and to discover. She is not perfect and she cherishes this state of being.

The Scruffiness of A Well Lived Life.

I am who I am because I have lived.

It is because I have lived that I carry pain.

I carry lines of loud laughter

as they pattern my face

with an art form as unique as the thumbprints of my fingers

tapping against the keyboards of my stories.

I carry vibrations of pain

in the murmurings of my heart

as they remind me

I am still alive.

Truly alive

because my heart has been a witness to my stories.

Stories I created

because I was afraid, but yet I lived.

I was angry

but I let it pass.

I let it pass so that I could be lighter

as I created more stories.

More stories of love and laughter

and friendships and connections

that the experience of the pain,

the anger allowed me to reach.

This is some of what I call The Art of Living Older.

You see,

every hour must pass.

This is the rule of time.

I will live each second of this hour.

This is the rule of my unique life.

Lara Jay Hequet 

Life Explorer​

The Book That Would

Change the Way

We Will Age.

"As long as you are equipped with the ability to l earn and to develop the skill of adaptability, there is no stopping you from staying connected to the importance in making life an adventure, whatever the design".

Lara Jay Hequet Author

If this book were a person, you would never be bored in its company.

Bali Meowmi Chief Wowageing Cat