Our 6 Promises 


To You.


Join the WOWAGEING Community to Learn the Art of Living Older. We promise to bring to You valuable information that will motivate You to be your Unique Self while the gift of your years increase. We will not entice you with freebies for your email contact. Instead we will create a membership platform of quality content of value to you and to us. 


We want to bring to you stories that are real. Stories as they are told including their imperfections. The ones that will bring to you true inspiration. 


We will tell many stories using videos and images as an important medium for our storytelling. We will strive to bring to you good quality shots mostly form our own iPhones and cameras in keeping with authenticity.


We, at WOWAGEING, strive to bring to you The Art of Living Older so that the gift of our increased years may have all the possibilities they deserve as we continue to live the best of our lives until our very last breath is drawn.


We strive to create a community for like-minded people to learn, to laugh, to support, to be silly and to always have room for experiences that will enhance the essence of the gift of our lives.  


We strive to bring to you the best in quality while we remain respectful to Nature, its vast inhabitants and all of its gifts for us.