Learn To Live Older. Stop Growing Older.

Once Upon A Time I Would Grow Old

One Book.

 Two Hundred Possibilities.

Thousands of Inspirations.

Seven Million Free Souls.

 What is WOWAGEING® ?

The Time has come to Stop the Shaming of Ageing.

Start by Removing the words Anti Ageing.

Replace them with 


Only Possibilities.     

No Excuses.

Founder, WOWAGEING and The WOWAGEING Academy


 Here is What You Do.

A 5 Step by Step Stroll Through Your Community and What It Offers You.

The WOWAGEING® Community.

It Will Serve You.

wowageing original content thumbprint

Original Content.

Access a multi sensory and originally sourced content for the unique You in the form of podcasts, videos, images, and articles.

wowageing lifestyle guides

Lifestyle Guides

Understand Food and its adaptable strategies. Movement and the seasons. Weight and its dance. And how to wear your habits.

wowageing social change

Social Change

Conversations for necessary social change. Redesign the values of life adventures based on how you live not the numbers of your years. 

wowageing social meet-ups

Social Meet Ups

A vital platform for you to be amongst unique yet like-minded people to share stories, laughter, tears, and conversations. 

wowageing priority access

Priority Access

You will get first access to both payable and gratuitous events organised for fun, positive change and for learning to Live Older.

wowageing travel retreats

 Travel Retreats

Fun, creative learning journeys in inspiring environments that will move you away from growing older towards The Art of Living Older.  

As long as you are equipped with the ability to learn and to develop the skill of adaptability, there is no stopping you from staying connected to the importance in making life an adventure.

 Whatever the design.

Be a part of the Change.

Choose to Live Older.

An Honest Intention.

The True Meaning of Genuine Testimonials.

If you are looking for a business of integrity, passion and experience, we are this type of business. The truth is that we are a new set-up. This means we can not provide you with reviews and testimonials while we are at the beginning stage of our entrepreneurial journey. This does not mean that we are not good at what we do.  It means we are honest. Look out for our genuine testimonials which will be posted in good time. 

I see an ocean of endless unique possibilities as my body begins its preparation to free my soul.

Lara Jay Hequet

Life Explorer