The Art of Living Older

There is an urgent need for a movement to change the way we look at growing old and all of its current, mostly negative, implications and associations. 

The focus of WOWAGEING lies in looking towards a continuous yearning to learn and a purposeful love of life while we are living, instead of of anticipating a time of inevitable sickness and the impending, largely negative, end of a human life.


A concept for The Art of Living Older introduced by Lara Jay Hequet, author of Once Upon A Time I Would Grow Old and CEO of Wowageing®.

It is at the infant stage of its concept with a wide vision for quick social change and a methodology to increasing in age while being alive with energy and purpose.

A positive movement that includes a worldwide community of like-minded people who are committed to replace a non action mentality in growing older with the consciousness of the physical Self and the Soul towards action in Living Older.

Wowageing® abides by the 55 evolvers presented in the book, Once Upon A Time I Would Grow Old and it offers assistance to you via workshops, courses, podcasts, videos and stories in the journey of Living Older.

It elaborates on the deeper understanding of stumbling blocks that will be encountered in the process of transformation from growing older to Living Older.

Its objectives are young with plenty of healthy imperfections, but its intentions are mighty and most importantly, it is powered by wild souls or people who live with the conscious value of the soul that resides in the physical body and mind of our existence.

Support is provided within the categories of activities, information, and resources.

Coaching for individuals and group sessions will be available depending on scheduled events.

Themed events, both live and online,will be created throughout a calendar year to take place in various parts of the world in the form of workshops, webinars and travel retreats to provide sensual experiences for continuous learning, sharing and curiosity.

The Book That Would

Change The Way

We Will Age. 

"As long as you are equipped with the ability to learn and to develop the skill of adaptability, there is no stopping you from staying connected to the importance in making life an adventure, whatever the design." 

Lara Jay Hequet Author

wowageing community onatousvecu

A Community That Brings Fun, Honour and Excitement to Unique Life Adventures.  

The community provides relevant and positive habit forming learning opportunities with both online and on site courses in The Art of Living Older.

As a community member, receive in depth information regarding special themed events, workshops and travels that will further elaborate on the practices of 


Only Possibilities

No Excuses.



To start a movement in Living Older instead of growing older.


To create a community of like-minded people in Living Older.


To elaborate on the understanding of the evolvers during special events, sessions and workshops held both online and live.


To explore daring actions for living the best unique life possible, as we continue to Live Older.


To provide healthy, legal and crazy ideas for change as we begin to live better and more consciously.


To create opportunities to nurture The Art of Living Older.


To create events for laughter.


To celebrate age as it increases.


To reinstate the super- powers of the elders.


To create strategic systems of positive change to allow for Living Older.


To create purposeful and positive change in all areas of natural transformations that accompany increased age so that it matches the needs of conscious human beings of value.


To end the shaming in being older by choosing to Live Older.

Grey hair and wrinkles accompany a change in seasons

Celebrating the magic that comes with Being Alive.

These vital signs do not equal Old.

They equal the results of a life well-lived

or perhaps otherwise.

What truly equals growing old

is the dragging of accumulated habits,

both conscious and unconscious, 

that do not serve You as You live life.

Time and time again,

they do not serve You.

But You hold on to them.

Then You die.

As we must all

With no control

on its timing.

No matter who you are.

Lara Jay Hequet​

Human​ Being