Once Upon A Time I Would Grow Old

Stop The Shaming of Ageing.

Learn The Art of Living Older.

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Only Possibilities.

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​Enjoy the multi level and sensory beauty that is included in the making of this book filled with good vibes and positive energy.

Once Upon A Time I Would Grow Old carries the freedom of a unique voice free of excuses and the weight of what others tell you to be. 

Now is The Best Time.

I am living the adventures of my oldness. As I curiously explore the exciting new levels that appear, I will Share with You what your unique life may be craving.

Whether for an hour of life or for another forty years, life is full of possibilities. 

Wowageing LJH

I live life. I live it well. This does not mean that life is smooth and free of worry. Free of fears, doubt and tides of difficult, some very difficult periods. As a matter of fact, life would never be lived well, if the flavours were not an amalgam of different flavours. I am in gratitude that life has given me time. Time to live another hour. What I do with it is by my design. My design alone.

I have lived the adventures of my youth. This was easy. Even when it was difficult, it was easy. Easy because I did not have the understanding of the real value of life. As my years increase, the numbers were not my guides, my deeds, my experiences and the scars I took from them are my guide. I am living the adventures of my olderness.  As I curiously explore the exciting new levels that appear, I will share with you what your unique life may be craving.    

Human, Positive Change Maker, Global Citizen, Nutritionist, Coach, Chef, Creatively Mad, Mother, Restaurateur, Author, Aromatherapist, Teacher, Story Teller, Life Explorer, Wowager, Not Perfect  Lara Jay Hequet

About The Author.


Lara Jay Hequet is an artistic mosaic made up of different ethnicities and global vibes. She is a life entrepreneur, certified and qualified in many fields of knowledge.. Most importantly, she is a good human being and an ordinary individual who is committed to personal growth by owning the different tides of her life experiences authentically.

There is a lot she does not know. This allows her the opportunity to always have something to do and to discover. She is not perfect and she cherishes this state of being.


Allow The Unique and Individual YOU to Live The Best Life YOU Can with the Gift of Increasing Years in Being Alive

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